Pre-production consulting
Digital media production, with its dizzying array of formats and workflows, is growing ever more complex. Many producers don’t realize the importance of a coordinated production workflow until costly mistakes have been made. That's why we strongly recommend you take advantage of our pre-production consulting whether you are working with us for your full project or just the post. We are experts on all the latest cameras and formats, and are at the forefront of emerging production technologies. We can help you make informed choices and devise a smart workflow for your entire project, minimizing pain points and preventing costly errors.

Visual Effects Supervision
Some visual effects require careful planning and on-set supervision to pull off. We do that. Every project has unique requirements, but one thing is certain: we can help.

We offer complete script to screen production services.
Fact: Today’s production requirements are driven by the needs of post-production.
As post experts, this is simply a natural progression for us. We work with a strong roster of writers, producers and directors of photography. We’ve known and worked with these talented folks for years, and we’ll assemble the perfect production team for your project.

Post Production
Post-production is often the dominant phase of a video project. There is just so much to do. But it’s also where the magic happens! We craft your (expertly acquired) raw assets into a finished project. Creative editing, 2D & 3D animation, motion tracking, visual effects, compositing, color grading and audio mix/sweetening are critical phases of the process. We bring fresh ideas, the latest tools and expert skills to our collaboration with you as we craft your final masterpiece.

We love the RED, ALEXA, and other emerging cameras for their amazing performance at vastly lower cost. These camera systems have many advantages, but most of all, we value the power and flexibility of RAW and LOG imagery. For all their advantages, these formats also present some real challenges and workflow choices on the data & color management and post production end of things. We can make things easy.

Broadcast master, DVD, Blu-ray, podcast, web, h.264, Flash, electronic broadcast transfers, DG FastChannel, mobile devices and other still-emerging platforms are no problem for us. We are experts at authoring, compressing and optimizing your content for the best possible experience on your target delivery platforms, even for mainstream services like YouTube and Vimeo. There’s a lot of web video out there. Most of it sucks. With our help, yours won’t.