Carey Dissmore

Carey Dissmore is the principal of Carey Dissmore Productions, Inc.

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Carey cut his teeth in television production at Jones Intercable KC34 in Kenosha, WI. Beginning in 1985, the ensuing five years were marked by rapid promotion and exposure to all aspects of television production: Camera, Master Control, Director, Engineer, Marketing/Advertising Producer and Assistant Sports Producer. Much of the work involved the pressure of live television and up to 4 remote feed locations and 2 studios under his direction, and yet he was also the guy driving the production truck and reeling in muddy camera cables…in the rain…in November. Ah, such a glamorous business! The skills acquired in this poorly compensated position are the solid foundation that informs everything he has accomplished in the 25+ years of his career.
Going independent
Carey has worked independently since 1990. From 1990-1997 he worked as a freelance camera, audio, and lighting crew person, in addition to his core competence as a video editor. He was traveling up to 150 days per year on crews for news magazine programs such as 48 hours, Dateline NBC, Primetime Live, 20/20 as well as ENG crewing for national NBC, ABC, CBS evening news and morning shows such as Good Morning America, Today Show, The Early Show and CBS Sunday Morning.

As an editor, he was engineering and editing in million-dollar edit suites creating broadcast television, spots and corporate videos. Circa 1995-1997 he fully embraced the industry transition to digital/non-linear video online editing and focused his career on post production. He began combining animation, motion graphics and editing skills seamlessly in the course of post production - a brand new concept at the time, which he leveraged to great success. Carey quickly rose to "expert" status, and was in high demand for post services. He was also called on to produce and present demos for companies in the digital post industry all over the world. Carey started non-linear editing on Avid, moved to Media 100, Final Cut Pro, while always using Adobe After Effects and dozens of other apps, many of which no longer exist. Today, he edits on all three major NLEs, and in recent years has also become a skilled colorist. He notes: "One thing about this industry is the constant churn of new applications and rapid evolution of best practices. Being current with six months ago just doesn't cut it!" Carey devotes an extraordinary amount of resources to keeping his skills and toolset on the cutting edge.
Today, Carey remains at the forefront of production and design. He applies his skills and refined sense of aesthetics to advance the cause of the story and has received numerous awards for his work. He is currently working on projects for Medtronic, Fairview Health Systems, and has several projects in the works that he can't talk about. He has recently completed projects for Food Network, Spike TV, The Cargill Scholars Foundation, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Bavia Health, K102, Lifetime Fitness and Medtronic. He works in partnership with independent producers, production companies, agencies, and when appropriate, with some clients directly. His projects have consistently produced the desired result and proven highly effective. He seeks to maintain the highest integrity in the relationships he has with his clients.
International Media Users Group
In 1998 Carey co-founded a professional association called the IMUG (International Media Users Group). Comprised of a group of 3000+ members across three email discussion lists (, this group attracts the very best and brightest of the industry - the true luminaries. These are editors, producers, graphic designers, photographers and animators who share their ideas and support freely for the advancement of the production community as a whole.

Each NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) convention, Carey, along with his team of 27+ volunteers, plans and executes the MediaMotion Ball, a first-class user event, which takes place each April in Las Vegas during NAB. The IMUG is an all-volunteer not-for-profit effort…neither Carey nor any of its staff receive compensation for their efforts. This is a labor of love to "give back" to the digital media production community.
Recognized expert
Carey is an internationally recognized video post expert, and his position of influence as a leader in the digital video production community has him frequently presenting to industry groups and being called on for interview or for commentary in various industry media. He is engaged in close relationships with numerous video hardware and software developers. Frequently, he is a beta site for the latest cutting edge software and hardware (of course, he cannot disclose them!) and has the ear of these developers, providing input that ultimately shapes the direction of vital industry tools. Carey is a regular contributor to the IMUG and AE-List communities he helped found, and his media appearances are linked from his blog at where he shares his thoughts on the industry and publishes tips and nuggets of wisdom for the benefit of others in the field. Recently, Carey also began a new web video series targeting the production industry: "In Production", which can be viewed here.
Instructor: Carleton College - U.S. News 8th-ranked liberal arts college.
After turning down opportunities like this for years, Carey finally agreed to teach a course. The course he taught was part of the Cinema and Media Studies department at prestigious Carleton College (CAMS 272, which covered Adobe After Effects and advanced editing techniques). Turns out it was a smashing success and he really enjoyed it. Carleton has expressed interest in having him reprise the course. Carey designed his own curriculum for this course and indicates that he’s willing to consider additional teaching/instructional opportunities. His teaching style is lecture-based using Keynote presentations and live demos on projector, coupled with hands-on lab work with the students. He also taught special evening workshops on green screen keying and lab intensives on 3D within AE, Mocha tracking, etc. Carey has found that placing high expectations on his students doesn’t crush them, but rather, it tends to ignite their passion for design and production.
Experience can’t be taught
Carey’s clients benefit from his 25+ years of experience, diverse production background, aesthetic sensibilities and technical expertise. Speaking of aesthetics, Carey admits great difficulty in teaching some of the "intangibles" of good editing and design. He notes: "These skills are primarily the result of raw talent seasoned and developed with years of accumulated experience in the trenches. There are no short-cuts in this area.” Although experienced, Carey doesn't rest on his laurels, he constantly seeks new challenges and is as engaged and passionate about his next project as ever.